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What are your hours of operation for customer service?

If you require additional assistance or have any questions, representatives are available Monday ā€“ Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. Please call us at (866) 949-4555 ext.6 or email or info We answer e-mail requests received during business hours the same day and all e-mail requests within two business days.

What Is Masā€™ Refund Policy?

If you decide that you want to cancel your order after the order has been placed, please contact the Customer Service Department at (866) 949-4555 ext.6 or email or info They will cancel that order and determine the proper handling of your refund.
*This policy is subject to change.

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Office Address: 10130 Mallard Creek Rd Bldg 2, Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone Numbers: 704-944-3571, 1-833-204-1999


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